Business overview-


In the swiftly evolving industrial sector, each year there is a growing need for temperature control equipment. Such equipment must be able to efficiently heat and cool raw materials and chemical products with ever- lower energy consumption. PLATECOIL heat exchangers answer these requirements.

Our PLATECOIL product technology, with its unique press formed shapes, has been successfully commercialized in a variety of industrial sectors including the chemicals, food products and automotive industries for over forty years. In recent years, we have widened our scope of application to meet demand from a variety of sectors ranging from electronic materials and environment-related equipment to marine vessels and the nuclear power sector, demonstrating the reliable quality and high performance of our product.

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    dipped in tank

    PLATECOIL dipped in tank
    [ Dipping type ]
    • High conductivity
    • Thin and light plate
    • Wide range of sizes available
    • Installation and maintenance are easy
    mounted around tank, without welding

    PLATECOIL mounted around tank, without welding
    [ Clamp-on type ]
    • Can be installed on existing tank
    • Can be installed easily
    • Has a large heat transfer area
    welded to tank (all-in-one)

    PLATECOIL welded to tank (all-in-one)
    [ Vessel tank ]
    • High conductivity
    • Capacity inside heat exchanger is small so it is possible to reduce the volume of heat transfer medium or refrigerant.
    • Possible to lighten tank
    mounted directly on drum can

    PLATECOIL mounted directly on drum can
    [ Drum warmer(200L) ]
    • Easy to move and install
    • Explosion proofing not necessary
    • Possible to take on and off

    Note: It can be mounted on other equipment such as cylinders.