Business overview-


Nihon Parkerizing utilizes its original and sophisticated technology and its global network of group companies to satisfy a diverse range of needs in the field of surface treatments.

Our surface treatment specialists are ready to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact us!

  • Want to hear more about zinc phosphate coating.
  • The heat treatment supplier you were using has gone out of business.
  • Don’t know how to find an overseas commissioned processing supplier.
  • Want to switch materials to aluminum but don’t know about surface treatments.
  • Looking for a blackening treatment after heat treatment at a low price.
  • Want to reduce costs by changing the combination of materials and surface treatment.
  • Want to know if the current surface treatment is the best option.

Business contents-

  • Rust prevention
    (Functional surface treatment)

    We offer a wide range of surface treatments from rust prevention treatment of metals to multi-functional surface treatments.

    Rust Proof
    • Bare corrosion resistance
    • Paint corrosion resistance
    • Weather resistance/Outdoor exposure
    • Acid resistance/Chemical resistance
  • Heat treatment

    We offer an extensive range of heat treatments from the conventional to the very latest heat treatments.

    • Hardening
      • Mechanical Strength
      • Fatigue strength
      • Surface hardness
      • Load bearing capacity
      • Wear resistance
      • Seizure resistance
    • Lubrication
      • Lubricity
      • Low friction coefficient
      • Slidability
      • Wear resistance
      • Seizure resistance
      • Galling prevention
      • Initial conformability
    • Adhesion/Bonding
      • Paint adhesion
      • Rubber adhesion
      • Plating adhesion
      • Adhesive strength
      • Roughening
      • Tensile shear strength
      • Compression shearing strength
    • High function/Others
      • Insulation/Conductivity
      • Water repellency/Oil repellency
      • Hydrophilicity/Lipophilicity
      • Heat resistance/High‐temperature oxidation resistance
      • Light reflection prevention
      • Blackening treatment
      • Non-stickiness
      • Antifouling property
  • Others

      Treated with rust stabilizing treatment for weathering steel which exhibits superb weathering resistance and good air/water permeability, and appearance regeneration treatment.
    • TRIC (Rust preventive primer)