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About us

Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd is a pioneer in providing steel rust proofing treatment (Phosphating treatment techniques) in Japan. Since Nihon Parkerizing first introduced this revolutionary technology in 1928.
we have been on the leading edge of Phosphating treatment techniques, and have made a strong contributions in the field of metal surface treatment for the steel, automotive and household electric appliance industries.
To stay at the forefront of global integration, we have developed strong bases in Japan, Asia, Europe and North America and North America.
In 1995, the Ionics division of Onoda Co.,Ltd. was purchased by Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd, and became Nihon Parker Ionics division.
Our powder coating equipment was improved and is now sold under the Nihon Parkerizing Co.,Ltd. Ionics dept.
As of up to September. 2009, the Nihon Parkerizing Ionics equipment commands a 50% market share of all powder application equipment sold in Japan.
After its introduction in the U.S. A., China and other countries, it quickly became recognized for its durability and excellent transfer efficiencies.
Nihon Parkerizing plant division Ionics dept. is located in Funabashi city, Chiba, Japan.
40 minutes away from Narita international airport by car.
We have over 16 qualified distributors in the world.
The Ionics user-friendly electrostatic powder application equipment ensures enhanced transfer efficiencies, component flexibility, and low-maintenance products.

Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment Features

Pulse Power II
  1. Extremely safe, high performance electrostatic gun
    Exhibits good penetration and a high transfer efficiency with the new charge method 'PULS POWER II'. Our gun is certified by the globally recognized FM Approvals in the US safety codes.
  2. Automatic control equipment for powder supply
    Optional automatic powder supply control equipment JUST FEED and ACE FEED can be mounted to eliminate excessive coating weight and realize a superior coating and reduced powder cost.
  3. Powder color change system
    Using the booth divide function, this system is optimal for lines which require frequent color changes on a par with solvent paints. The coating process is only interrupted for one minute, and we have realized a line operation ratio of 96%.
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    2. Rolling lubricants