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CSR Policy

Putting our corporate philosophy, “The effective use of limited
resources and the creation of a richer society”
into action.

Based on our corporate philosophy, Nihon Parkerizing will contribute to the conservation of our global environment and the creation of a richer society by promoting the effective use of limited resources and creating new value for resources through surface modification of a variety of materials.
Since being the first to introduce rust prevention technology (zinc phosphating technology) in Japan, we have continued for many years to contribute to the field of surface modification technology particularly for metals, in a wide range of industries from key industries to cutting-edge industrial fields. As the leading company in the field of surface modifications, we are conscious of our responsibility for the impact of our corporate activities on society, and are engaged in a variety of initiatives to meet the expectations of society.
Through these initiatives, we aim to drive the development of our company as well as promote the creation of a sustainable society.

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CSR Initiatives

Nihon Parkerizing aims to create a fair and transparent corporate culture. Our initiatives are based on the principle of two-way communication, as we value the relationships that we have with all our stakeholders.


Nihon Parkerizing works to gain the satisfaction of our customers by seeking the perspectives of our customers, providing them with high quality products with a low environmental load.

In order to gain the trust of our customers, we introduced the internationally recognized quality management system ISO9001 in May 1995.
Note: ISO9001 has been acquired by all plants (jobbing: 12, manufacturing: 4).

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Shareholders and Investors

Nihon Parkerizing is actively developing our business, seeking to increase corporate value and promote timely and appropriate disclosure of information to ensure healthy and transparent management and meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors.

Corporate governance
We are enhancing corporate governance to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
Strengthening the Internal Control System
Based on our internal control policy, we are enhancing compliance and risk management initiatives as we aim to create an ever more effective governance system.
We disclose fair and accurate information through financial results briefings and summaries of financial results shared on our website to enable our shareholders and investors to make investment decisions.

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Business partners (Suppliers and Distributors)

Nihon Parkerizing maintains fair relationships with its business partners such as suppliers and distributors, aiming to build good partnerships to promote our mutual prosperity.

Conflict minerals
We promote conflict-free sourcing. We do not use as raw materials any conflict materials produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries that may be involved in injustice or the violation of human rights. This measure is to promote procurement that considers the effect on communities of the “use of raw materials that may be a cause for social problems that affect human rights and the environment.”
Green procurement
Nihon Parkerizing procures materials in accordance with the company’s Green Procurement Guidelines.

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Environment and Society

Nihon Parkerizing, through its business in the surface modification of a variety of substrates, is engaged in the preservation of the environment, implementing initiatives to reduce risks to the environment and the environmental load in accordance with the company’s environmental policy. In addition, we are engaged in a variety of activities that meet the needs of communities, working to build and maintain good relationships with local communities.

We introduced the internationally recognized ISO14001 environmental management system in November 1999 to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management.
Note: ISO14001 has been acquired by all plants (jobbing: 12, manufacturing: 4)
Development of environmentally-friendly products
Our product development takes into consideration the environmental impact and includes technologies such as the chrome-free and phosphate-free conversion coating chemicals for metal pre-treatments, aluminum/magnesium surface hardening technology using a plasma electrolytic oxidation method which makes it possible to replace the hard chromium plating, and a single-process lubrication system that generates no sludge.
Reducing industrial waste and conserving energy
With 2014 as the base year, our targets for 2019 are as follows:
Industrial waste: 5% reduction
Energy consumption: 5% reduction in 5 years (cut by 1% per year).
Solar power generation business
We entered the solar power generation business in September 2013 in order to utilize idle assets, and are now generating power in a total of seven locations. As well as making the most of the assets we possess, we are making a contribution to reducing the environmental load by promoting environmentally-friendly renewable energy.

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Nihon Parkerizing aims to cultivate human resources and create a working environment which enables each and every employee to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

  • By establishing the “Principles of Ethics and Conduct” to be observed by all employees, we conduct sound business activities based on high corporate ethics and observance of compliance.
  • We will create a unique management system, promoting business improvement and a change of consciousness among employees to spur the sustainable growth of the company.
  • We promote the development of globally-aware personnel by offering educational opportunities provided by external instructors.
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