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Investor Relations:Financial Results Briefing

Overview of Mid-term Management Plan

We formulated the third consolidated medium-term management plan.

Nihon parkerizing group reached its 90th anniversary in 2018. The third consolidated medium-Term management plan is an important period to strengthen the corporate foundation for achieving new growth. Toward the 100th anniversary, we will work on increasing corporate value in the long-term perspective

1. Management vision

As a surface modification specialist,
we will be the true global company!

3G Management

We provide surface modification services to all users worldwide.

2. Fundamental policy

In order to establish 3G management, we are promoting the followings.

  • Growth strategy
    to overcome global competition
  • Group management optimization
  • Governance reforming

3. Numerical Targets

Unit: million yen

Item March 2019
  March 2022
Net Sales 129,207 133,500
Operation income 17,023 19,000
ordinary income 20,130 22,000
Net income attributable
to parent company shareholders
11,424 13,100

4. Precautions for Forward-looking Statements

The forward-looking statements such as forecast of financial consolidated results contained in this document are based on the information currently available to the Company and certain assumptions which are regarded as legitimate. Actual results may differ from these forecast due to various factors.
Significant factors which may affect actual results include but are not limited to; a)state of the economy b)fluctuations in exchange rates c)product competitiveness, d)regulations and e)limits of intellectual property protection.
The information in this document is not intended to solicit investment.
Please make investment decisions at your own discretion.

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