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Investor Relations:Financial Results Briefing

Overview of Mid-term Management Plan

Nihon Parkerizing is pleased to announce the formulation of its latest Three Year Mid-term Management Plan for the period 2016 to 2018. In anticipation of the 90th anniversary of the company in 2018, we will position the coming three years as a period in which to make new advances. While maintaining financial strength, we will invest in growth areas that make the most of the advantages of the Parker Group to ensure an increase in profitability in the long term.

1. Plan- Fundamental Policy

Our aim is to be THE leading global company in the field of surface modifications, maintaining our technical superiority in the market of surface modifications for a wide array of substrates.

2. Plan- Numerical Targets

Unit: million yen

Item March 2016
  March 2019
Net Sales 109,063 120,000
Operation income
(Operating income to net sales ratio)
ordinary income
(Ordinary income ratio)
Net income attributable
to parent company shareholders
10,320 12,000

3. Precautions for Forward-looking Statements

The forward-looking statements such as forecast of financial consolidated results contained in this document are based on the information currently available to the Company and certain assumptions which are regarded as legitimate. Actual results may differ from these forecast due to various factors.
Significant factors which may affect actual results include but are not limited to; a)state of the economy b)fluctuations in exchange rates c)product competitiveness, d)regulations and e)limits of intellectual property protection.
The information in this document is not intended to solicit investment.
Please make investment decisions at your own discretion.

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