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Surface Treatment Chemicals

Nihon Parkerizing supplies surface treatment chemicals to a broad range of industries for a diverse range of purposes including cleaning substrates, adding corrosion resistance, creating a paint base and providing lubrication and design features; as well as offering the latest technologies and our extensive technical supports.
In addition, the Nihon Parkerizing Group takes an active approach to global environmental preservation which we perceive as one of our top management priorities, and we are actively pursuing the development of environmentally-friendly products.

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  • Henkel Excellence is our passionPowder Coating Equipment PARKER IONICS

    In April 2017 we transferred the powder coating equipment business to Parker Engineering Co., Ltd, an affiliated company. Parker Engineering is a comprehensive engineering firm engaged in the design and construction of metal surface treatment and painting equipment. Nihon Parkerizing will continue to engage in the sales of powder coating equipment as a domestic sales agent. Through the consolidation of the Group’s equipment business, we aim to further improve our services and gain the satisfaction and trust of our customers.


    We have enhanced our technical tie-up and renewed our license with the German chemicals manufacturer Henkel AG&Co. KGaA for surface treatment technologies for the aerospace industry. Furthermore we have entered new fields, concluding a domestic distributorship agreement for the sale of lubricants for hot and warm forging, mold release lubricant for die-casting and solid lubricant for rubber (from July 2015).

  • Waste water treatment chemicals and equipment

    “BONDER” is a special activated carbon adsorbent that selectively adsorbs monovalent anions. It is capable of adsorbing not only fluorine ions (F-), but also nitrate ions (NO3-), nitrite ions (NO2-) and other difficult-to-adsorb monovalent anions. In addition to improving the quality of waste water from surface treatment systems, it can also be used in manufacturing processes. We will propose the optimal adsorption system for your needs.

    “BONDER” high performance fluorine and nitrogen adsorbent