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Surface Treatment Chemicals
Waste water treatment chemicals and equipment

As Nihon Parkerizing's systems utilize water, we endeavor to reduce our environmental footprint through development of waste water treatment technology and ancillary equipment. Our technology offers solutions to comply with laws and regulations related to the environment as well as to satisfy other requirements of our customers such as the need to conserve energy and space.

  • General waste water treatment equipment (flocculation and precipitation treatment)
  • Equipment for removing nitrogen from waste water.
  • "De-Cyammo" treatment equipment for treating high concentration complex cyan in waste water
  • "Formalin Cut" treatment equipment for detoxifying formalin
  • Formalin fixation solution manufacturing equipment
  • Nitric/hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchanger
  • Paint sludge recovery system "PRS" (Parker Paint Recycle System)
  • "BONDER-F" special activated carbon high performance fluorine adsorbent

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