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  1. The fundamental management policy of the Nihon Parkerizing Group is to maintain our position as a global leader in metal surface treatment technology, taking advantage of our extensive experience in this field to contribute to industry, such as automotive and steel industries, and uphold our technical superiority in the market in the field of surface modification of a great variety of substrates.
  2. As well as furthering global expansion into South-east Asia, China, the U.S. and Europe in order to adapt to significant changes in the economic environment, the Nihon Parkerizing Group is working to strengthen collaboration between Group members in Japan and overseas and strengthen the foundations of our management practices.
  3. The Nihon Parkerizing Group takes an active approach to environmental preservation, which we perceive as one of our top management priorities, and we aim to embody a corporate group which contributes to global environmental preservation through the activities of our Group businesses.
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