Our Business-


We offer chemicals, expertise, and support

We provide surface treatment agents for material cleansing, rust prevention, surfaces for painting, lubrication, design, or other purposes, the latest associated expertise, and technical support for every industrial field. Our chemical agents demonstrate their ability in the world of ultrathin films at the nanometer to sub-nanometer level. They enhance material characteristics by adding many functions to the surface (for example, protection from rust or corrosion, smoothing, or enhancement of hydrophilic properties).
We also consider active initiatives for global environment preservation to be one of the top priorities of our management and proactively develop environment-conscious products.

Toll Processing

We meet every need related to rust prevention and heat treatment

The Nihon Parkerizing Group takes pride in its rust prevention treatment technology and heat treatment processing technology. Rust prevention treatment (chemical conversion coating) is like a foundation to cosmetics, which helps maintain beautiful skin. Heat treatment can enhance the characteristics of metals significantly. These two processing methods are mainly used for metal surface treatment. We have a system to meet every surface treatment need with our sophisticated proprietary technologies and by sharing technical information throughout the global network of the Nihon Parkerizing Group.

Life Science

Life friendliness to contribute to your life and health

Nihon Parkerizing offers cutting-edge technologies and products in the life science field to the world.
The Life Science Division is a new division set up in April 2018 that is expected to establish the next-generation core business of the Nihon Parkerizing Group. Since we founded a joint venture in Taiwan in 1965, we have been active in global expansion. We now have 56 offices in 13 countries, mainly Asia, North America, Europe, and other regions. We aim to contribute to the people of the world from Japan through this business.


We offer engineering considering intangible and tangible aspects as being inseparable

We always need facilities in the product manufacturing process. Wastewater treatment equipment, plating machines, and treatment facilities are essential to surface treatment, rust prevention, and heat treatment processing. It is not an exaggeration to say that facilities are crucial to the success of treatment. That is why the Nihon Parkerizing Group considers intangible and tangible aspects of being the same in terms of the optimal system and provides engineering for processes before and after treatment.